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Our Mission

Founded in 1976 by Rev. Dr. Thomas Kilgore Jr., the USC Black Alumni Association (BAA) is a leadership network established to strengthen the legacy of educational attainment and excellence of USC’s Black students. The BAA provides scholarship assistance, career mentoring and cultural advocacy through alumni networking, volunteer involvement, philanthropy and social enterprise. The vision of the Black Alumni Association is to enable the most ethnically diverse and inclusive experience for USC students, alumni and supporters through leadership, networking and shared values—given the rich legacy, contributions and participation of Black Trojans in the global success of USC.


Our Core Programs

The USC BAA supports USC students in the following core programs:

1000 for $1000

The USC BAA’s $1 million Campaign for Student Scholarships: Our goal is to increase the current endowment to $10 million by 2020—to provide much-needed financial resources for USC Black students. We are seeking 1,000 donors to give $1,000 each. Make a gift online of $83 per month for one year—it’s easy! The BAA is a tax-deductible organization, and 100% of all gifts support BAA Scholarship recipients.



We would like to thank the following donors for their continued financial support of our USC students.

Endowed Donor Funds:

Kilgore Endowed Scholarship Fund
(incl. Pamela Wallace Thompson, and other gifts prior to 2008)
Reginald Jones-Sawyer Endowed Scholarship Fund
Sandra Evers-Manly Endowed Scholarship Fund
Charlie and Veronica Williams Endowed Scholarship Fund
(Carl Beverly)

La Verne Fuller Endowed Scholarship Fund
Bowens-Foggie Endowed Scholarship Fund
Sarah Finney Endowed Scholarship Fund
Adam Herbert Endowed Scholarship Fund
Howard Drew Endowed Scholarship Fund
Fusilier Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
*Kathryn Shirley Estate Gift
*Lloyd McKinney Estate Gift

Major Gift Donors

Johnson and Johnson AALC Santa Anna
Carl Beverly (The Bridge Scholarship)
Eric and Terri Holoman (Terri and Eric Holoman Finance Scholarship)
Six Friends
Ken and Lori Konsker
Susan E. Stephens, MD

Ken and Camille Morrand
Faye Williams
Michelle Cole (The Marcellus and Marjorie Cole Scholarship Fund)
Michel McLaughlin (The Harold and Nell Washington Scholarship Fund)
Alan Fox (The Fred Fox Music Scholarship)

Annual Donors

Barbara Solomon Scholarship (Black Faculty and Staff Caucus)
Pinnacle Award (in memory of Dr. Michael Preston)
Perseverance Award (Myron Curlee)
Sandra Joyce Williams Scholarship (Onna Burrelson)

2016-17 Gifts

Southern California Edison
Bank of America
Los Angeles Sentinel
Metropolitan Radiology, Inc
Palazzo Concessions Sempra
SMS Transportation
Los Angeles World Airports
Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation
US Bank
USC Alumni Association
USC Credit Union
USC Marshall School External Relations
USC Viterbi School of Engineering
Wells Fargo
Dakar Foundation
Honey’s Kettle Restaurant & Bakery
Torrey Pines Bank
Entertainment Studios

Ms. Rachel Ramos Alde
Ms. Tammy Anderson
Ms. Carmen Atkins
Mr. Danny Bakewell, Jr.
Ms. Joyce Boykins
Mr. Neil Cheatham
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Chestnut
Ms. Michelle Long-Coffee
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Clifford
Mr. Sajal Dutta
Mr. Rod Evans
Ms. Stephanie Farmer
Radford Alexander Corp.
Ms. Ana Maria Hall
Dollye Harris
Mr. Martin Jacobs
Ms. Erika Jordan
Ms. Ingrid Johnson

Ms. Lydia Kennard
Mr. Eric Hoi Fung Kwong
Mr. Dexter Levy
Ms. Cassandra Mayfield
Mr. Frederick Azubuike Mbfaneo
Ms. Stephanie Owens
Ms. Patricia Patterson
Mr. Stonish Pierce
Mr. Kevin Rabsatt
Ms. Delene Richburg
Ms. Devry Rodgers
Ms. Antoinette Threat
Georgina Brown Wallace
USC Dornsife College
The Daniels-Ball Family
The Alice Taylor Estate
Telecom Pioneers


We would like to thank the following sponsors for their continued financial support of our USC students.